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Green Energy

KIKE Green Cook Stove

The KIKE Green Cook stove has been successfully tested in households of all income levels in Kumasi and Accra's capital city, Ghana and widely used in Nigeria...

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Business Services

Business Services

We are passionate about creating business strategies and opportunities for growth and viability of medium and small-scale entreprises across the country...

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General Contractors

Procurement & Supply

We compliment the supply chain by sourcing materials from tried and trusted suppliers; we have built an enviable reputation in the supply of consumer goods and services...

How We Work
  • Contact for Consultation

    Lets engage in a discussion on how to meet your renewable energy needs or how best to support that fledgling business venture of yours.

  • Share Company Goal

    Understanding your vision and projected goals for your business gives us valuable insight to proposing workable ideas for overall growth.

  • Find a Challenges

    We understand challenges are part of growth. We won't back down when it gets tough; we'll be your support when the climb is uphill.